I Remember Trees

Set in the year 2050, “I Remember Trees” is a retrospective collection of one of my favorite subjects, Trees. With work dating back to as early as 2005, it is mostly inspired by a journal I created when we learned  trees were going extinct from global warming. I have used mostly modern  mediums and street art techniques to tell my story, including stenciling, sharpie, wheat paste, and countless hours with an exacto blade. These are not realist interpretations, but a modern expression of the fading memory of nature around us. This show is about finding beauty in dark places, whether facing the future, or the reality of our new every day life. This show is to remind us that humanity is only a small part of our planet and I hope it’s a bold slap in the face to hold onto it.  (20% of the profits of this show went to planting trees.)

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