As a professional Pop artist, I have created a lot of design work for my own brand, aworkingclassartist. Pop art blurs the line between fine art and graphic design, and I use that to my advantage creating entire print and social media campaigns that become a part of the art itself.

A perfect example of this is my exhibit 3,000 Hippos, where fans were able to vote for their favorite Hippo prints to become part of a larger print campaign that included postcards, stickers, t-shirts, and more. I also created a large scale wheat-paste mural that was displayed on the building during the exhibit(pictured above).

Along with 3,000 Hippoes, I have also created digital and print collateral for several other exhibitions, maintaining brand consistency through my use of bold color, repetition and clean lines. Here are some of my favorite designs for aworkingclassartist.

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