Bands and Artists

I have been extremely lucky to be able to work with several DJs, bands, and musicians through the years, helping them build a brand identity to match their sound.

One of my favorites is the electronic duo, Hands of Midnight, not only because I am fan, but because I love the design.  I was able to visually capture their futuristic sound, while paying homage to their influences like Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltair, the chicago rave scene. I worked with them on their branding creating an entire print campaign including logo, tee shirts, stickers, posters.

Another band that I did work for was Poor Bodie (later spelled Poor Bodhi), a Denver Band with a killer lead singer who has lungs for days and a vocal range to match. They are a very eclectic blend of Jazz, funk, folk and rock.

Because of their broad range of styles and influences I thought letterpress block letters would be a great fit for their unique group. I used the idea for their logo, posters, and even a cd cover.

Here are some other examples of work I have done with the music industry.

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